Monday, March 15, 2010

"Because it Makes God Happy!"

My husband and I are still trying to figure out a system for family devotional time that we actually stick to and that seems meaningful for the kids. In the meantime, we try to at least get a hold of their Sunday School message and discuss it periodically throughout the following week. Serendipitously, this week's message was on serving our neighbors as a way to serve Jesus.

As my son came out of his classroom after church, I (on autopilot) asked him what the lesson was this week. He responded, "There are kids in other worlds that need art supplies!" Uhm...come again? He repeated it and it dawned on me that he meant kids in other COUNTRIES needed SCHOOL supplies. In my typical, we're in a hurry and need to get out of here fashion, I nodded and hustled him and his sister to the car. He was not to be so easily dissuaded. He talked non-stop on our drive home about when were we going to the art store to get supplies, when would we be back at church to drop them off, what supplies did I think we should get. Whew, I just needed to get his almost-2-year-old sister home for a nap! I promised to log onto our church's website and get the details for him as soon as I could.

Fast forward to this morning on the drive to preschool, "Mommy, when are we going to get art supplies for the kids who need them?" Oh, shoot! "Hey buddy, you know we have a shelter near our house and I'm sure they would be happy to get some supplies..." "No. It really needs to be the kids we heard about in church." Okay, cue opportunity to engage in the Sunday School lesson, "So, dude, why should we get supplies for these kids who need them?" "Because it helps them and makes them happy!" "And what else happens when we help people and make them happy?" "IT MAKES GOD HAPPY!!!"

Guess who will be going to the art store this week to pick up supplies for "kids in other worlds?"

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